Partners in crafting sophisticated sensory experiences.

From conception to completion, we harness partner input and scientific advances to craft a complete portfolio of flavors and fragrances to supplement and enhance food, beverage, personal care, fragrance, and health market essentials.

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Stimulating the senses with flavors and Fragrances.

These product offerings have been crafted with the help of our partners over the years, to enhance the experience of global user communities.


Natural buttery flavors add substantial richness that lasts and keeps baked goods mouthwatering!

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Master the art of mixology, utilizing these flavors to enhance the sensation of every sip.

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Our range of superbly sweet flavors will make your confectionery products entirely irresistible!

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Our range or naturally extracted flavors helps deliver the rich, creaminess of dairy products.

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Flavors for Home Bakers

We craft custom flavors with the right intensity to retain its original taste, enhance shelf life, and satisfy every sweet tooth.

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Food Service

To offer the comfort of fully prepared food flavors, we have captured the essence of tasting products at their peak.

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Indian Sweets

From the sweet, tempting essence of Jamuns and Rasagullas to the mouth-watering flavors of Jalebi and kheer, we make Indian Sweets even more sensational with our delicate, fruity flavors.

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Natural Flavors

Derived with the goal of superior quality, our wide array of natural flavors harness the variety of nature to enhance the taste experience.

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Pet Food and Animal Feed

Crafting quality flavors for man’s best friend requires the consideration of instinctual appetites without compromising safety.

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For more palatable pharmaceutical products, we incorporate fruity, spicy, and minty tones into the patient experience.

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Snack and Savory

Our bold flavors help ensure your snacks will deliver an experience to savor.

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Supari and Tobacco

Capturing a variety of refreshing essences, our Suparis & Tobacco flavors leave users with an after-taste to relish.

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Our end-to-end service includes an expansive portfolio of tastes and scents to create the ultimate user sensory experience.

Our Flavourful Legacy

At CEC, we pride ourselves on providing you with the highest value products and services possible. Proprietary knowledge and technologies enable us to provide performing flavors that serve as tools in the daily work of food technologists, to differentiate their work in today’s competitive environment

Our Capability

Our aim is to pinpoint specific flavor molecules that make a certain food taste the way it does. By focusing on local palettes, we create original taste experiences with the right blend of flavors, enhancing sensory experiences in everyday essentials.

The CEC Assurance

We collaborate with well-renowned brands, provide unparalleled service, and create value to promote unrivaled taste and aroma for our clientele’s products.