Indian Sweets

From the sweet, tempting essence of Jamuns and Rasagullas to the mouth-watering flavors of Jalebi and kheer, we make Indian Sweets even more sensational with our delicate, fruity flavors.

Signature Flavour Series

Almond Roasted Flv 1720
Cardamom Flavour 2418
Cashew Roasted Flv 3119-01
Kesar Mithayi Flv 2214
Kesar Pista Flv 0848
Kheer Flv 1185-10
Kopra Flv OS 5219-02
Mawa Malai Flv 0488-03
Pineapple Slice Flv 1690-02
Rabidi Flavour 0720
Rajbhog Flavour 5214
Rose Petal Flv 2215 - 02
Taste Improver Flv G TC 0758
Vanilla Flavour 2675-06

Popular Flavour Series

Almond Flavour 547
Almond Sweet Flv No.1
Badam Pista Flv 0746
Cardamom Flavour TC 0723
Elachi Pista Milk Flv 1828-04-01
Keora Flavour 0221
Pista Milk Flavour 0215-01
Pistachio Flavour No.1
Saffron Flavour No.1

Economical yet Intense Flavour Series