Natural Flavours

Derived with the goal of superior quality, our wide array of natural flavors harness the variety of nature to enhance the taste experience.


Apple Flavour N 6107-06

Asafoetida Flavour N 2574

Banana Flavour N 5378-02

Black Currant Flavour N 0596-07

Black Pepper Flavour WS 3673-01

Blueberry Flavour N 3584-04

Chocolate Flavour N 2087-08

Clove Leaf Oil Flavour N 6114-01

Cumin Seed Oil Flavour N 1542

Curry Leaf Flavour OS N 1541

Fenugreek Flavour WS N 1501-01

Grape Flavour N 0274-01

Green Chilli Flavour OS N 2513

Green Garlic Flavour OS 2514

Green Ginger Flavour N 2518

Green Onion Flavour OS 2529

Green Pepper Flavour WS 4419-01

Lychee Flavour N 1767-04

Mango Alphonso Flavour N 5478-07

Nutmeg Oil Flv N 1421

Pineapple Flavour N 5397-09

Red Chilli Flavour OS N 5060

Red Chilli Flavour WS N 5059

Rose Flavour N 0870-06

Spearmint Flavour OS 5531

Strawberry Flavour N 4875-07

Vanilla Flavour N 2393-04